The Museum

Technology at the service of history

How to tell the millenary history of San Marino, from prehistoric times to the present day? We decided to design and build an entirely multimedia museum, because history is not just a report of events and a list of dates. The life of the Saint Marino, the struggle for independence, alliances and diplomatic intelligence, the invasion attempts, the wars and the challenges of the 21st century: thanks to , projections,images and 3D mapping, 2D motion and holograms, the story acquires the charm that the unique and extraordinary history of San Marino deserves.

Ancient Room

The first room of the multimedia museum is characterized by a wall of 8 x 1.7 meters, with double projection, and it's the theater of the oldest history of San Marino. From the submarine origin of the mountain to the legend of the holy founder, the visitor will witness a totally reconstructed 3D representation.

Modern Room

The Modern Room is made up of a plastic miniature model of 1.5 x 2.5 meters, which faithfully reproduces the territory of San Marino . It was made with 3D printing and in a material suitable for video mapping. An 85" 4K television, positioned above the layout, displays images, paintings, engravings and ancient documents.

Contemporary Room

A double projection accompanies you in the period from the 17th century to the present day. The holograms of three characters - the Saint Marino, Napoleon and Garibaldi - were acquired through a sensor suit. The movements and the lips of an actor were then transferred and rebuilt into the 3d models. On the background screen, images accompany the monologues of Marino, Napoleon and Garibaldi.

The mission of the multimedia museum

The Titanus Museum was born from our love for the Republic.

We realized that most of the tourists who visit San Marino are unaware of the events that led to the birth of the oldest Republic in the world and, above all, the battles and the struggles that have allowed our tiny state to remain independent. A unique, extraordinary and fascinating story remained hidden from most.
Therefore we decided to invest in a place that was able to inform and entertain, to improve the experience of visiting the historic center of San Marino. We recommend visiting the Titanus Museum as the first stop of your journey: when you walk through our streets - and you will find yourself in front of monuments, palaces and places - knowing their history will make you even more appreciate the beauty of our land.