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Learn the history of the oldest Republic in the world in a one-of-a-kind multimedia museum

Why a multimedia museum of San Marino?

Every year San Marino Republic welcomes millions of tourists unaware of its millenary history. Visiting the Titanus Museum means embarking on an emotional journey through the centuries, places and characters who have contributed to conquering and defending the independence and freedom of San Marino.

From prehistoric times to the legend of the Santo Marino

Titanus Museum starts millions of years ago a prehistoric sea covered Mount Titano and all the surrounding territory. With the gradual withdrawal of the waters, men began to populate the slopes of the mountain until, in Roman times, from Dalmatia, an ascetic named Marino arrived there: around him was born the the first tiny village that in the following centuries will become the Republic of San Marino.

The conquest and defense of freedom

After Marino's death, the village expands, fortified with castles and walls , becomes a municipality with its own institutions and laws, and fights hard to obtain and preserve its own autonomy. Over the centuries, the Pope State has tried several times to put an end to this independence, but to no avail: alliances, wars, diplomatic skills have allowed the San Marino citizens to increasingly assume the appearance of free people .

Napoleon, Garibaldi and the two world wars: the Republic defends its independence.

Napoleon I and later Napoleon III were fascinated by the small Republic of San Marino, protecting it and helping to make it known in the world.
Likewise, in the Risorgimento era, Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy, firmly supported its right to be a sovereign state. Not even the wars and the many problems of the twentieth century have affected its will to remain independent: in 1992, for this reason, it became full member of the United Nations .

An immersive experience

Titanus Museum performs multimedia and visual tools as immersive projections, 3D mapping and holograms, to experience unique emotions.
Living the most important moments that characterized the birth of the Republic and the defense of its freedom will make you better appreciate the places and monuments in San Marino.

Come to live a unique experience

Titanus Museum

Discover the fascinating history of San Marino Republic, between immersive projections, 3D mapping and holograms.

"At first glance, very interesting and innovative, a new and modern attraction, a corner of culture for all ages !!! It is absolutely recommended, it tells the story of the birth of Monte Titano with the arrival of San Marino and its inhabitants with the various wars and vicissitudes. Very satisfied with the experience !!! "
Beautiful and very interesting experience! Absolutely recommended for anyone who wants to know the history of San Marino in a new and fun way!
It is a different museum from the classic ones, all multimedia. It is never boring, always very interesting. It tells the story of the Santo Marino and the evolution of the territory both with images of history and with reproduced images. Highly recommended!

Titanus Museum - Multimedia Experience

Contrada Santa Croce, 20, 47890 San Marino

The Titanus Museum will be closed to the public for the entire month of January 2021, with the possibility of private visits by reservation. For info and reservations call 3355865830